Use Cases

Atgen Automation A2 seamlessly unites workflow orchestration with continuous integration, data parsing & processing, and application deployment in one easy-to-use platform.

Regardless of where you start with A2, you'll find our simple, powerful and agentless automation platform has the capabilities to solve your most challenging problems.

Application Deployment

When you define your application with Atgen Automation A2, and manage the deployment with A2, teams are able to effectively manage the entire application lifecycle from development to production with continuous integration & testing.

Continuous Delivery(CI/CD)

Creating a CI/CD pipeline requires buy-in from numerous teams. You can't do it without a simple automation platform that everyone in your organization can use. A2 Apps keep your applications properly deployed (and managed) throughout with integration with various tools for continuous testing their entire lifecycle.

Workload Automation

No one likes repetitive tasks. From uploading daily records to retail system, processing huge data in Big data, monitor pyhsical, virtual & cloud resources, account and IT admins automation, A2 can automate everywhere.

Server Backup

Backup is essential for continuity of business. A2 helps you in automated your server, database and application backups with various frequency which you can control and manage your backups much more effectively.

File - Watch, Process and Transfer

Every business application deals with various files to handle data. Be it looking for files from different application or organization, processing those files based on requirement, generating report for business decision making, or transfer files to another application, A2 can automate.

Workflow Management

Workflow Management is vital to efficient business functioning. A2 helps in automating the business workflows and scheduling them based on time as well. By doing all this. effectively increases efficiency for business.

Application Batch Jobs

Application Batch Jobs are extremely vital and oldest automated strategy for getting rid of manual errors in system and of course an advantage for stable automated structure with scheduling.

Incident Response & Fix

A2 Automation helps in quickly indentifying incidents, and with effective automation those incidents can be fixed automatically. This helps in more uptime of systems & applications and empower us to serve our customers more effectively.

Infrastructure Management

IT admins can get rid of repetitive tasks and enhance standardisation of systems. One automation can be re-used on multiple platforms with more quality. A2 helps in automating such IT admins tasks & adds reusability.

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