Can your Workload Automation be run ready Whenever, Wherever? Yes, it can !!

An Overview

Atgen A2 Automation is an Agent-Less Workload Automation Solution which can address following scenarios:

In-Premises VM’s or Physical Servers

Atgen A2 Automation can connect within your in-premises network using encrypted secured certificate based SSH for Linux/Unix estate and WinRM for Microsoft Windows Servers. Basically, giving power to centralise all your Workload Automation requirements to one Central Atgen A2 Portal.

Cloud Platforms

Whether you are using Public Cloud from providers like AWS, Azure, IBM, Google etc. or using Private in-house cloud, you can also connect your Cloud instances using SSH for Linux/Unix with secured encrypted certificates or WinRM for Microsoft Windows OS instances over cloud.

Containers - Docker

If your are using stand-alone Docker containers for QA stages of your products, you can still run Apps from Atgen A2 Automation by connecting to Docker Engines and centralise using A2 Portal or API’s.

Kubernetes Cluster Environment

You are using Kubernetes in Production Environment, no need to worry, Atgen A2 Automation can run or schedule Apps on Kubernetes Cluster as well using Services, Deployments or RC over the Pods.

So, in all scenarios, In-Premises, Cloud or Containerisation, Atgen A2 Automation can schedule your Workload Automation schedules over your estate and manage them effectively with A2 Portal or API’s.

Try it now!

Start using Atgen A2 Automation with a free 10 Nodes trial from A2 Trial! Use the free trial version with your own scheduling environment!

Refer Atgen A2 Workload Automation Documentation for more details.