REST assured, REST APIs !!

An Overview

REST API’s are powerful integration mechanism across applications and enables Atgen A2 Automation to integration with enterprise systems.

REST API's give you the possibility to perform actions and queries, such as:

    1. Perform actions (Force, Freeze, Terminate and many more)
    2. Integrate Workload Automation with multiple systems to enable Enterprise RPA
    3. Query data available in workloads

All this can be performed in a simple, safe, and quick way by using REST API's and makes RPA possible using Atgen A2 Automation.

  Simple: REST API's are simple to use, requiring just a URL and few parameters as input.

  Safe: Leveraging on HTTPS connection and secure authentication, all your data is protected in    both sending and receiving ways.

  Quick: Response time of a REST API's call is in seconds!

Let’s explain first what all RESTful API’s Endpoint in Atgen A2 Automation are available for various functionalities:

        1. List App(s)
        2. List User(s)
        3. List Cert(s)
        4. List RBAC
        5. Force Run App(s)
        6. Kill Running App(s)
        7. Freeze App(s)
        8. Update state to Success/Fail/Inactive
        9. Get App Definition
        10. Get App Run History
        11. Get App Details
        12. Get Alerts

To know more about Atgen A2 Automation REST API(s), your can refer documentation.

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Refer Atgen A2 Workload Automation Documentation for more details.