Get rid of Agent Down Issues

An Overview

One of Big Health check task in Workload Automation is to manage Agent Software and Service on thousands on systems across an Enterprise.

This constitutes following:

     1. Making sure that Agent(s) are installed on every System in an Enterprise.
     2. Maintaining that Service of Agent(s) is running continuously to run workloads.
     3. Regularly keep track on uptime of agent(s).
     4. Managing the alert(s) coming due to Agent issues like Service down or Disk utilization.

All these takes away critical resources of our servers and time of engineers. Wouldn’t it be very nice if Workload Automation Software is Agent-less and at same time offers same level of compatibility with distributed Windows, Unix and Linux systems. With this offering same solutions like running workloads, fetching its real time status and logs etc.

Atgen A2 Automation offers are completely Agent-less Workload Automation Solution with equal compatibility to distributed systems using secured certificates managed centralized. Along with easy managed Agent-less design features running workloads, getting real time status and logs, ad hoc running etc.

This will help Enterprise becoming DevOps focused with reliable workloads.

This would give following benefits:

     1. No Hassle/Change Tickets to install Agent(s) on every system across Enterprise.
     2. No effort or resources to manage services across every system.
     3. No need to health checks on every system.
     4. No need to access to Engineer on every system.
     5. Less Alerts or we can more meaningful business alerts.

Refer Atgen A2 Workload Automation Documentation for more details.