Job Scheduling i.e. GUI or CLI

An Overview

If you are someone that uses job scheduling software, you'll probably appreciate the importance of "keeping things under control."

Atgen A2 Automation (aka A2) - offered as both Cloud and on-premises solutions – provides a revolutionary method to monitor your scheduling environment in the quickest way!

     1. Do you love CLI's because you can write complex commands in a short time?
     2. Or do you hate CLI's because you keep forgetting the million commands and parameters?
     3. Do you hate GUIs because you need to click a lot to do something?
     4. Or do you love GUIs because they’re simple to use?

If you have replied yes to one or more of these questions, the functionality that we are going to explore will be amazing for you.

The Atgen A2 Portal and simple CLI is a job scheduling tool that combines a command line interface (CLI) with a graphical user interface (GUI) to monitor Atgen A2 App(s) from A2 Portal or A2 CLI.

If you are an experienced user of Atgen A2 Automation on-premises offering, you’ll probably know: a CLI to monitor Automation App(s) and A2 Portal offers a lot of functionalities for Operations, Development and Administration.

So, do I need to learn this new syntax before using it..Absolutely not! Using it is simpler than writing this post!

You can type your own queries or create them using a graphical user interface that shows you all the parameters you can use.

CLI and GUI are always synchronised. Do you want to monitor all jobs that completed successfully? Just come on dashboard and Search based on ‘su’ criteria.

If you don't know anything about CLI syntax, don't worry! By using the GUI, a correct query is automatically generated, so even novice users can learn the syntax – without even realizing it – and discover some tricky ways to speed up the day-by-day work.

Refer Atgen A2 Workload Automation Documentation for more details.